I believe the thoughtful application of creative and technical expertise to the target user’s needs, desires, and behavioral patterns is fundamental to creating a great user experience. That’s why I read mobile platform design documentation, watch hour-long tutorials on conducting user testing sessions, and listen to podcasts about new CSS specs. It may sound a bit obsessive, but if that kind of obsession makes the difference between Community* and 1600 Penn, I’ll keep doing my homework.

*Seasons 1-3. If you’ve seen Community, you know why.

skills and services

  • User Interface and User Experience Design for Responsive Web, iOS, Android, and Windows 8
  • Usability Testing
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • PHP 5
  • WordPress
  • Identity and Branding
  • Illustration
  • Copywriting

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As a native of Nashville, TN, I have developed a discerning taste in plaid, respect for a clever hook, and enough sense not to wear cowboy boots on Second Avenue. While acquiring said street smarts, I also pursued the legitimate subjects of design, printmaking, painting, and photography throughout high school and college.

I studied Design Communications and Web Development at Belmont University, where I used my slightly-above-average musical talents to woo my significantly-above-average future wife. Together we spoil our handsome Australian shepherd, Presley. Aside from my design work, I enjoy trail running, reading Christian literature, playing fantasy football, cooking, and growing facial hair.


I built this site using Bones for Wordpress, with the help of Digging Into Wordpress, CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, A List Apart, Shop Talk Show, unhealthy quantities of Mountain Dew coursing through my veins, and the limitless patience of @lindsaybsledge. Type is set in Adelle and Brandon Grotesque, hosted by Typekit. Amanda Sledge took my pictures.

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