LifeWay Reader for iOS

The LifeWay Reader was an ambitious project from the start; we were tasked with launching a full service eReading app on iOS, Android, and the web with syncing among platforms in under three months. Over those three months I led a creative team of three to five designers, depending on freelance contracts, through the process of creating truly native experiences on all platforms. In my art and UI/UX direction, I sought to create an experience that was not only unique, fast, and fluid, but felt comfortable and inviting for inexperienced app users.

Our team ultimately met our release goal, and the iPad edition rose as high as #10 in reading apps for the iPad.

The LifeWay Reader is currently available in the App Store.

Since I don’t have a separate post for the Android version yet, you can access it on Google Play here for now.

Reader-iPhone-Library Reader-iPhone-Reading Reader-iPhone-Annotations