LifeWay Reader for Web

As a part of the comprehensive LifeWay Reader app platform rolled out in November 2012, the LifeWay Reader for web allows readers access to their full library of titles anywhere they have desktop web access. The LifeWay reader was built on the same technologies as many other cloud-based readers, and offered many similar functions as well. The LifeWay reader was unique, however, in its emphasis on quick Biblical reference. The reader detects any Scripture reference in text and automatically creates a link so that the user can quickly and easily read the verses to which the author is referring.

The LifeWay Reader for Web is currently available. If you wish to access the web reader on a mobile device, please see the app store link for the LifeWay Reader for iOS.

Reader-Web-00-Bible-Mock Reader-Web-01-Default Reader-Web-02-Settings Reader-Web-03-VersePopUp Reader-Web-04-Context