I'm a product and marketing design team leader with over ten years' experience working with and for Nashville's largest brands. During that time I've created and led teams to execute cross-platform application suites, large scale marketing websites, brand identities, and design systems.

Deloitte, Carrier, LP Building Solutions, HCA Healthcare, HealthStream, LifeWay, A. O. Smith, Salata, Verizon, Gatorade, Capitol Christian Music Group, and Gimlet Media.

I’ve had the blessing to work with truly kind and talented individuals wherever I’ve been. I don’t take that for granted.

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Sr Dir of Product Design
Creative Director

I've worked in multiple departments across HealthSteam—first as the organization's first Creative Director for the corporate marketing team, and then as the Senior Director of Product Design. I've led a teams of in-house designers and contractors, and have gained a wealth experience working on a large corporate brand and building cohesion between the corporate brand and product design teams.

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Creative Director of UX
UX Director

I led an incredibly talented UX team in designing a full range of digital experiences for most of the agency’s largest clients. I learned a ton about building a team, managing through difficult situations, developing new business opportunities, and becoming a better partner to internal teams and external clients.

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Senior UI/UX Designer
UI/UX Designer

Whether it was the all-nighter Createathons or the crazy creations from their lab, I loved the way anyone could come in and make an immediate impact on the culture at redpepper. I primarily served a large enterprise client by co-facilitating design thinking sessions, wireframing, and directing a distributed design team to create complex web applications.

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Experience Design Lead
Graphic Designer

It’s hard to overstate how much I learned at LifeWay from an outstanding group of coworkers and mentors. It was here I really dove into the world of UX, became a product designer, worked with local and distributed developers, and first led a creative team. We designed multiple products from scratch across Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and the web. It was wild.

I'm serious about personal growth.

I'm passionate about developing others around me, and doing what I can to improve the culture of my workplace. In past roles I've led company-wide growth initiatives, designed swag, evolved each company's brand voice and identity, and a few times convinced a bunch of coworkers to run a mile at midnight with me.

I also listen to a lot of podcasts.

Design Better Podcast
Radical Candor
Kim Scott
99 Percent Invisible
Roman Mars, Radiotopia
Creativity Inc
Ed Catmull
The Innonvators
Walter Isaacson
Entreleadership Podcast
Ramsey Solutions
2 Bobs
David C. Baker & Blair Enns
The Effective Executive
Peter Drucker
Ben Sasse
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The Tony Kornheiser Show
This Show Stinks, LLC
Ideas are developed by pencils and conversations, not pixels.
Invest resources in outcomes, not artifacts.
Have the tough conversation now. Tell the truth. Do it kindly.
Toy Story is the best Disney movie ever made.

Real life

My wife Lindsay and I live in a loud and (mostly) happy home in Franklin, TN with our three highly energetic kids (the third one is not pictured yet because, well, you know how things go for the third kid). We love spending time outdoors as a family, exploring state parks, and visiting the zoo. When we are inside, Lindsay and I are most likely watching Ryder and the pups save some half-brained chicken for the umpteenth time this week. We bake lots of cookies to cope.