LP SmartSide™ Siding

Phased rollout of a new digital style guide, component library, and content strategy, to support a massive re-brand effort

New solutions for an expanding audience

In early 2019, LP Building Products announced it would be changing its name to LP Building Solutions. Aside from an effort to place more emphasis on the integrated, tech-forward nature of LP's product lines, the shift to Building Solutions was as much about audience as anything. Historically LP had focused its marketing efforts almost exclusively at professionals—the builders, architects, and remodelers.

With the shift to Building Solutions and the growing importance of their siding business, however, LP wanted to start engaging more directly with homeowners. This desire coincided with an ongoing effort to reconcile all their disparate web properties into LPCorp.com. Their siding product line, SmartSide™ Trim and Siding, was the last but most strategically critical holdout.

Over the course of several months, myself and one other UX director led the team in defining the UI design system that would be used in concert with the master brand update, first implemented in the consolidation and redesign of the SmartSide™ portion of LPCorp.com. We collaborated with creative directors on the traditional brand side of the house to ensure we were supporting their efforts as we redesigned LPCorp.com's homepage, navigation, blog, and redefined the overall content strategy to speak to both professionals and homeowners.


After launch, we saw a net traffic lift of 11% when compared to the combined traffic of the previously disparate properties, and several of the new content-driven pages we recommended during the redesign ranked within the top 10 pages on the site.